Brandel Library

Library Instruction

Our librarians are committed to supporting student success and the development of information literacy skills. We offer customized instruction that focuses on strengthening students’ ability to locate, evaluate, and effectively use information.

Types of Instruction

First-Year Instruction

As part of the Core Curriculum, first-year students receive an introduction to information literacy concepts and skills through library instruction sessions. Librarians partner with CORE 1000 and HIST 1000 courses to teach beginner- level skills like basic search strategies, evaluating sources, and avoiding plagiarism and the misuse of sources.

Discipline-Specific Instruction

Discipline-specific instruction sessions teach information literacy skills and concepts that are relevant to a particular discipline, course, or assignment. A librarian will partner with you to customize a session to your students’ needs.

Embedded Librarian Program

The Embedded Librarian Program designates a librarian to work with your students throughout the duration of your course or during specific weeks of the semester. The program is designed for courses with a significant research component. Contact your subject liaison if you'd like an embedded librarian for your course.

Work with a Librarian to Design Your Next Research Assignment

A well-designed research assignment reinforces information literacy skills and fosters critical thinking. Librarians are available to consult with faculty to create or revise effective research assignments. Contact your subject liaison if you’d like to discuss your assignment.

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