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New Library Search Interface

Brandel Library staff are excited to introduce you to Primo, a new platform for finding and accessing library content. We are making the switch to Primo along with our partner libraries in Illinois’ I-Share library system. Primo offers a single, unified search interface for all print and online resources from Brandel Library and 90 other I-Share libraries.

Primo replaces the following search platforms:

  • VuFind, the software we used for searching both the Brandel Library catalog and the I-Share catalog.
  • EBSCO* Discovery Service (EDS), which enabled searching all of our print and online resources simultaneously.

There are two things you may need to take care of to ensure your access to library content isn’t disrupted. We’ve arranged for some overlap between the old and new systems to give you a window of time to make these changes.

  • Update links to library resources.You’ll need to change any saved links you have to library articles or databases. This is particularly important for faculty who link to library content in their Canvas courses, syllabi, or other course materials. Here is a guide to updating your links. The old links will continue working until August 31, so you’ll have until then to update to the new links.
  • Preserve favorited Items and lists. Any favorited items, lists, folders, search alerts, or tags you’ve created in VuFind or EDS will not transfer over to Primo. If you’d like to continue keeping track of these items, you’ll need to export them before we retire these systems. EDS will be discontinued on July 31, 2020. VuFind will be discontinued on October 20, 2020.

We are still working to improve the platform, so please report issues and send suggestions to us here: Primo Search Feedback.

*Please note that EBSCO is a huge, multi-faceted company. Don’t worry, we are only retiring the search interface, not the database subscriptions that provide us with access to journals. The content you can access through the library will remain the same.

Screen shot of Primo search interface
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