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North Park University

27 Then-and-Now Pictures That'll Bring You Back to Your Days at North Park University

1. Sporting some school spirit

2. Relaxing with your roommate

3. Making friends for life

4. Learning from great educators

5. Bringing your typewriter to class

6. Enjoying well-maintained facilities

7. Connecting in and out of the classroom

8. Writing a lab report

9. Mastering new technology

10. Hypothesizing with your professor

11. Learning with your classmates

12. Drawing in Wilson Hall

13. Focusing on the final masterpiece

14. Viewing contemporary art

15. Paying attention to the conductor

16. Tackling the other team

17. Playing for victory

18. Watching the big game

19. Keeping the crowd pumped

20. Tooting your own horn

21. Cheering for the Vikings

22. Soaking in North Park's beautiful campus

23. Heading to class

24. Lounging in your room

25. Taking a much-needed study break

26. Standing up for something bigger than you

27. Living lives of significance and service

I know I am I'm sure I am North Park 'til I die