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Collection Development Policy for the Swedish-American Archives of Greater Chicago


The mission of the Swedish-American Archives of Greater Chicago (SAAGC) is to support the activities and goals of the Swedish-American Historical Society and North Park University by identifying, collecting, preserving and making accessible the documentary record of the Swedish-American community in Chicago. The SAAGC is a research collection for the use of the Society, the campus community, and the general public.

Statement of Authority

The Swedish-American Archives of Greater Chicago (SAAGC) was established in 1968 by the Swedish Pioneer Historical Society (renamed in 1983 the Swedish-American Historical Society). The Society retains ownership of the collection. In 1986, North Park University through its Center for Scandinavian Studies became the legal trustee of the SAAGC. The SAAGC is part of and administered by North Park University's Brandel Library.

Collection Development Policy

The SAAGC will collect documentary materials based upon their support of the above mission and along the following guidelines and priorities. All recorded information, regardless of format or characteristics, will be considered for the collection. Records and resources will be appraised based on historical, informational, legal, fiscal, administrative, and/or intrinsic values. The collection will be developed by the expertise of professional staff as well as through recommendations from the Society and North Park University’s Center for Scandinavian Studies. The SAAGC will collect within a general time frame of 1846 through the present:

  • The records of greater Chicago area Swedish-American organizations, associations, and businesses, and those involved with the Swedish-American community.
  • The personal papers of greater Chicago area Swedish-Americans or those involved in the community.
  • Primary source material supporting the understanding of the Swedish immigrant experience in greater Chicago.
  • Published materials: (Swedish or English language)
    1. a. Publications issued in greater Chicago.
    2. b. Publications documenting the Swedish-American experience in greater Chicago.
    3. c. Collections supporting the manuscript collections.

Material outside of this scope, including those documenting Scandinavia, the general immigrant experience in America, and Swedish-Americans in other geographic areas, will generally not be accepted. The professional staff will make every effort to refer donors with out-of-scope material to an appropriate repository and will cooperate with other local and national repositories with related collecting missions. Collections will be accepted by legal deed of gift only. Because of space, conservation, and research considerations, artifacts are not sought for the collection but will be considered by the professional staff on a case-by-case basis.

Approved by the Board of the Center for Scandinavian Studies, North Park University, April 13, 2000.
Approved by the Board of the Swedish-American Historical Society, April 29, 2000.

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